Thursday, March 31, 2011

Halloween....5 months late

I have been away from this blog for quite a while, actually I kinda started it and let it go, but now i am hoping to continually post as much well maybe not quite as much as my Facebook but as close to that as I can. So anywhoo here are the pics from Halloween....
I made my 2 little ones A Christmas Story themed costumes.
Ethan as Randy (he literally couldn't put his arms down either-I made sure of that LOL)
Jordan as Ralphie (the sad face is all an act-he loved his costume)
Our Halloween was spent with family, we made jack o'lantern pancakes for breakfast and caramel apples later too.
We had a great time. Hope your Halloween was fun!

Baseball Season

So with 4 boys and a hubby, you know sports will be a big part of your life, how big a part you cannot even imagine. Going to games and watching them on T.V. is one thing but when you have 3 of your 4 boys playing baseball at once it is a different story. To be a baseball mom you need many skills. The ability to schedule 5 practices, 5 games, and who brings snacks when is tough, not to mention trying to squeeze in homework, dinner, baths, storytime, trips to the market, family time and a little time with the hubby it can be near impossible let alone exhausting. Trying to do it all can really make you crazy! That's why I have stopped trying to do it all....well not really but I have stopped trying to do it all in one day especially during baseball season. I want to teach my children that school is important and that when they commit to something (baseball) they need to give it their all. That's why homework and practice do indeed get accomplished, but if the kids go to bed without a bath one biggie, if we have take out instead of a home cooked meal a couple nights a what, if we skip storytime in favor of singing our favorite silly songs in the car on the way from here to there..who cares. What matters most is that everything we do we do together. Sharing the triumphs and defeats with my boys is something I would never give up though, the feeling we get when one of the boys is up to bat is a mixture of pride and fear and hope. Seeing them hit the ball or make a great catch is a feeling of indescribable joy and pride only a parent can know. Being there to build them up again when they strike out or miss the ball and don't make the play is a priveledge I would never trade. My boys are my life and baseball is their life (right now) and I wouldn't change a thing.
Let's Play Ball!



Made some yummy cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day.Photobucket

The boys loved them.