Friday, April 22, 2011

It's in our blood

Yesterday while hanging out with my kids my 7 year old Ethan out of the blue just says 'mom i like old stuff just like you' We start to discuss how old things are cool and how we like to hear stories and learn about the past. He goes on to say that he was on amazon looking at toys and that he saw this 'vintage' Luke Skywalker doll (he is a big Star Wars fan). He said it was from the 70's! I laughed to myself realizing that that toy having come out in 1977, is a year younger than I am and is considered 'vintage' hahahahaha....Man, I'm getting old! But that was not the only thing I realized through that conversation. I also learned that of all the things my children have inherited from me other than my bad temper (hey we are italian),my passion (again, we are italian), my sarcasm, my giving nature and strong sense of family, they have also inherited my love of old things and that makes me feel good because I know that it means he knows we are a part of something bigger and deeper. Photobucket That's me and Ethan taking a break from a bike ride.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grinning like a fool....

Along with all of the usual comments I get regarding the retro/vintage look I sport for the most part, I get frequent comments regarding my smile or lack there of. People always ask me what's wrong? Are you mad at me? Why aren't you smiling? Are you in a bad mood? Why are you so stuck up? The answers on most occasions are Nothing, no, I don't know, no and I'm not! Do I have to go around smiling like a mental patient in order to stop people from thinking I am a snob (which I hear all too often)? This has kept people from approaching me many times which in turn has hindered my making friends. Most people I do become friends with end up telling me that on their first impression of me they were either intimidated, thought i was a snob or *gasp* thought I was a bitch, but upon getting to know me have found the opposite to be true (for the most part ;). So how do I fix this without looking certifiable?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Playing catch up

I have so many sewing projects either half finished or waiting in the wings. I have a million and one ideas for revamping some existing clothes and no time to complete them all! I get up every morning to get dressed and am reminded how bored I am with my clothes. Summer is coming up and the weather is getting warmer now, although April has been quite fickle as always and I really want to get these projects completed. It's spring break and so the boys have no baseball games this week or this weekend and they are going to visit family for the four remaining days of their vacation. so I am going to try to hunker down get to work. I will try to take pics and post the finished projects.

This will be me this weekend, although not quite as polished looking I'm sure.

I want these shoes!

These are too cute and they are at payless for only $16.99!
and in red!
Can't wait to wear them this summer!

These darn makeover shows!

I have seen many of these so called makeover shows....I won't name any names....and they seem to all have the same goal....CREATE CLONES. To be fair there are some guests on the show that do not have a bit of fashion sense to speak of, these are the women who feel unattractive and feel unworthy of looking their best and wonderful things are done for them with these makeovers. They help them to see themselves in a different light and see that no matter their size, figure, skin, hair and all other things their mama gave them that they can feel beautiful. I mean reminding a new mommy that she is still a woman or showing a middle age wman that even though she is aging she doesn't have to give up is a wonderful thing. They realize that they don't have to hide or give up and their self esteem is boosted by this. However these are not the women I am refering to, I am speaking about the women who have a weird, quirky, not the norm style. The women that do put thought into their style, the women that wear what they like and they feel great doing it. They take these women and turn them into clones of the host usually, and when the makeover is done you feel as though these women have lost something. Lost their spark, lost their individuality, lost well.. lost themselves. It makes me sad and mad all at the same time! Why must we conform. If a woman feels good in a cute furry jacket with kitten ears on the hood striped stockings and a skirt then why should she have to change? I mean as long as it's not so vulgar that it is illegal, and as long as it fits and makes you feel good then have at it I say. If I had "friends" that nominated me for something like that, then I would feel it was time to change my "friends" and not my style.

Don't wear this because you might just get arrested.

or this

but why not wear this
or this


or even this
That's me ^
So what do you all think?

Judy Hensler

PhotobucketShe is featured in quite a few episodes. I have been bored at work lately so I have been watching or rather listening to old re-runs online since I can't actually watch the episodes just listen with my headphones. While enjoying Leave it to Beaver something has come to my attention, Judy Hensler. Judy Hensler is a character from Leave it to Beaver played by Jeri Weil. She is the bossy, mean Nellie Olsen type girl in the series. Without the benefit of one of my senses, just listening to a show tends to change things, with vision you can definately overlook poorly delivered lines since there are other things that you can be focusing on visually. So maybe this is why I have noticed that she seems to be the worst child actress I have ever heard. Every line she delivers sounds as though she is being fed them sentance by sentance, also she sounds like a boy. That is not the biggest problem, but the delivery of her lines just grates on me.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Halloween....5 months late

I have been away from this blog for quite a while, actually I kinda started it and let it go, but now i am hoping to continually post as much well maybe not quite as much as my Facebook but as close to that as I can. So anywhoo here are the pics from Halloween....
I made my 2 little ones A Christmas Story themed costumes.
Ethan as Randy (he literally couldn't put his arms down either-I made sure of that LOL)
Jordan as Ralphie (the sad face is all an act-he loved his costume)
Our Halloween was spent with family, we made jack o'lantern pancakes for breakfast and caramel apples later too.
We had a great time. Hope your Halloween was fun!

Baseball Season

So with 4 boys and a hubby, you know sports will be a big part of your life, how big a part you cannot even imagine. Going to games and watching them on T.V. is one thing but when you have 3 of your 4 boys playing baseball at once it is a different story. To be a baseball mom you need many skills. The ability to schedule 5 practices, 5 games, and who brings snacks when is tough, not to mention trying to squeeze in homework, dinner, baths, storytime, trips to the market, family time and a little time with the hubby it can be near impossible let alone exhausting. Trying to do it all can really make you crazy! That's why I have stopped trying to do it all....well not really but I have stopped trying to do it all in one day especially during baseball season. I want to teach my children that school is important and that when they commit to something (baseball) they need to give it their all. That's why homework and practice do indeed get accomplished, but if the kids go to bed without a bath one biggie, if we have take out instead of a home cooked meal a couple nights a what, if we skip storytime in favor of singing our favorite silly songs in the car on the way from here to there..who cares. What matters most is that everything we do we do together. Sharing the triumphs and defeats with my boys is something I would never give up though, the feeling we get when one of the boys is up to bat is a mixture of pride and fear and hope. Seeing them hit the ball or make a great catch is a feeling of indescribable joy and pride only a parent can know. Being there to build them up again when they strike out or miss the ball and don't make the play is a priveledge I would never trade. My boys are my life and baseball is their life (right now) and I wouldn't change a thing.
Let's Play Ball!



Made some yummy cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day.Photobucket

The boys loved them.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Miss Piggy and Joan Crawford

Is it wrong that I have long admired these two?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Day!!!!

Going out this weekend to celebrate valentines day and our anniversary. Going to a nice restaurant with beautiful views of the valley. Going to have dinner with the hubby and then friends and family will be joining us there to help celbrate since there will be music and dancing. Still thinking about what to wear dont really want to spend more money to buy something new. i have a dress similar to this pic

and was thinking of wearing it with an emerald green cardigan. I'll show pics after the event.

unintenional hiatus....

So I started this blog and then took an unintentional hiatus....well now I am back. So hopefully this time ill actually keep it going and expand it. lots of ideas, and things but no time to post. would love to create a fun informational blog *sigh* well one can only hope.