Friday, January 29, 2010


I love Q & A's. i am always the first one to reply to those forwarded e-mails that ask all types of random questions, and i have always been the go to w/ all my friends for advice. so now's my chance to be DEAR ABBY. anything you want to know about me (ex. what nationality i am?) or you need advice (ex. what should i do about such and such or so and so?) on or even random questions you just want a silly answer to (ex. if you could be any animal what animal would you be?) ANYTHING and when i say ANYTHING i mean ANYTHING.........i am not easily embarrassed or shy at all and i will always give you a frank honest answer so ASK AWAY!
Also look for me to post random polls and quizzes for you to answer too.


  1. Hello Doll,

    Found you on Fedora Lounge, and your new blog looks great! I hope you have great success and fun with it. My question is: what fragrance or fragrances does a "retro doll" love? Have you ever tried Guerlain's Vega? It was formulated in the 1930s for Josephine Baker, and is so incredible, but so different from what a lot of gals today would want to wear. Somehow I think it would be great for you. All the best,


  2. Hello Joe,
    I really love the smell of anything coconut scented. i have yet to find my "signature fragrance" i will definately seek out Guerlain's Vega and give it a try. Thank you so much for you compliment on my blog. i hope to hear from you often.

  3. glad I read these comments - I have never heard of 'Vega' before and now i need to try and find it someplace! I love a little 'history mystery'