Thursday, February 4, 2010

Remembering my Gram

My grandmother was a wonderful woman, i have always admired and looked up to her. Any time anyone said "you're just like your Grandmother" i filled with pride. My gram was a hard working woman, she was a great cook and an even better baker. She was funny and had a very sarcastic, quick wit. I was born to teenage parents so inevitably my mother moved in with my fathers parents since they were too young to support me on their own. My grandparents took my mother in as one of their own and cared for her and i and my siblings that came along later. Since i was very young i remember being extremely close to my gram, i spent as much time with her as i could. My gramps still grumbles (or fake grumbles:)) that he never got to sleep next to his wife when i came along because i always wanted to sleep in bed with my gram. My fondest memories of her are of her and i laying out on the chaise lounge in the summer on the back porch and her reading to me and singing old songs to me. I still cant listen to "How deep is the ocean" and "you'll never know" without crying or smiling (depending on my mood) and thinking of her. She took me everywhere with her, she taught me everything i know about the golden era about the fashion and the clothing and we loved to watch old movies together. She just loved Marilyn Monroe and she sparked my love for her as well. She indulged me (some may say too much so). She taught me how to enjoy the silence, a good book, a great old movie, a sweet song, tasty treats, a handsome man, and life in general. I used to laugh at her strange old fashioned slang ex. when she called my high school boyfriend a "dim bulb" and now i get teased my my kids and my younger brother for using lots of the same old fashioned phrases. She never left the house without her lipstick on and i in turn never like to be caught without it either, she would hold up everyone while she reapplied her lippy before a picture just as i do now. If there is anyone that i can say has been a true influence on my life and made me who i am today i will say it was my gram more than anyone else. She treated me like a princess, she made me feel beautiful and special and loved.


  1. What a beautiful story !
    You are very lucky to have had her play such a huge & defining role in your life.
    I hope my grandchildren,that I hope I may have in years to come, will feel this way about me too

  2. What a lovely little tribute to your Gram, and how fortunate you are indeed to have been so close to her!