Friday, April 22, 2011

It's in our blood

Yesterday while hanging out with my kids my 7 year old Ethan out of the blue just says 'mom i like old stuff just like you' We start to discuss how old things are cool and how we like to hear stories and learn about the past. He goes on to say that he was on amazon looking at toys and that he saw this 'vintage' Luke Skywalker doll (he is a big Star Wars fan). He said it was from the 70's! I laughed to myself realizing that that toy having come out in 1977, is a year younger than I am and is considered 'vintage' hahahahaha....Man, I'm getting old! But that was not the only thing I realized through that conversation. I also learned that of all the things my children have inherited from me other than my bad temper (hey we are italian),my passion (again, we are italian), my sarcasm, my giving nature and strong sense of family, they have also inherited my love of old things and that makes me feel good because I know that it means he knows we are a part of something bigger and deeper. Photobucket That's me and Ethan taking a break from a bike ride.

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