Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Judy Hensler

PhotobucketShe is featured in quite a few episodes. I have been bored at work lately so I have been watching or rather listening to old re-runs online since I can't actually watch the episodes just listen with my headphones. While enjoying Leave it to Beaver something has come to my attention, Judy Hensler. Judy Hensler is a character from Leave it to Beaver played by Jeri Weil. She is the bossy, mean Nellie Olsen type girl in the series. Without the benefit of one of my senses, just listening to a show tends to change things, with vision you can definately overlook poorly delivered lines since there are other things that you can be focusing on visually. So maybe this is why I have noticed that she seems to be the worst child actress I have ever heard. Every line she delivers sounds as though she is being fed them sentance by sentance, also she sounds like a boy. That is not the biggest problem, but the delivery of her lines just grates on me.

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